Cherry Wildling 8.2% (6 pack)

22.18 21.60

A unique beer from our 2019 coolship season. Alongside the wild yeasts dwelling near our Eimuri brewery during November, this beverage has been exposed to Brettanomyces lambicus in the fermentation vessel. In July we poured the beer onto fresh cherries in ratio 1/3. The result is a taste that challanges the limits of perception of tongue, dominated by the fruity acidity of cherries and the rich, smoky spiciness of wild yeasts. Combined with a dry finish, the tongue craves the next sip at a subconscious level. All in a blood red colour with piercing fruitiness that covers the alcohol content.

ALK. TILP.8.2%
Ingredients: ūdens, ķirši, miežu iesals, kvieši, apiņi, raugs.